Courage Academy


The heroes returned from the Fey Wild with the body of Dave Hester the Mind Flayer, but did not know where his family lived.

We headed to the temple of Avandra to purchase a ritual to find Dave Hester the Mind Flayers home. The ritual informed us that they lived on a fairly deserted island fairly far from normal trade routes.

We considered taking an Avandra Trade Galley, but they were not going our way—instead we hired on as guards with a plan to steal the ship at night. Needing a crew & a captain, the Courage Academy headed to a sailor bar where we learned of strong Pirate activities.

Seanearious Fletcher the Sheriff agreed to charter a boat for pirate hunting.

Directing the sheriff’s law enforcement barge towards the Hester Island, we were quickly attacked by a pirate ship & a giant shark!

Larry the pirate and his crew were quickly dispatched & we began the take over of his Pirate Boat when Dave Hester the Mind Flayer returned to the land of the living with the sheriff and his crew as his Thralls!

Storage Wars

The Courage Academy continued to chase the Frosty the Beholder through the Corporate Headquarters when thy came across a dangerous group of tomb raiders!

Recognizing YHM and other powerful adversaries they decided that discretion was the better part of valor.

The participated in the bidding for an ancient dwarf tomb—but Dave Hester the Mind Flayer out bid Jock.

The next tomb was the final room of the Garden of Graves which had been transformed into a necrotic energy transmission station. The party was able to out bid Dave Hester the Mind Flayer which caused him to go berserk and attack the party.

A vicious battle ensued, which the party won—but then they still had to pay the Ettin for the Tomb! 250,000 GP. The Courage Academy only had 220,000 gold so they made a deal for 220,000, they would owe the Don and Laura the Ettin the remaining 30,000 gold, would return Dave Hester’s body to his family.

The party then disabled the Necrotic Transformation Station, which will likely please the Eladrian Council of Stars but anger whoever built it.

Yhm & the Eladrian Court

The Courage Academy is resting in the Fey Wild when Yhm once again appears. All attempts at diplomacy fail and he attacks.

He targets Will for no apparent reason—repeatedly attacking as the party struggles to defend themselves. Finally, he stops his attack and flies off—how did Yhm come to be in the Feywild? What is he after? Courage Academy wants to know!

We then headed to the Eladrin court. A tricky riddle almost kept the Academy from finding it. Once inside the tree protected santuary we traveled to the court and meet with our friends there. The directed us back to the garden of graves.

YHM Attacks!

Yhm, the Red Dragon, swoops down and snatches up Jock. The party gives chase on their new mounts. The Dragon lair is protected by energized Zombie Dragon Born (Fire and Lightening). The party drops the ZDB, gygaxes some other bodies, and heads into the lair to rescue Jock.

Jock is on a platter, the Drow Elf from the reading of the will awakens Yhm, Courage Academy grabs Jock and runs away.

Last Will and Testemant--Part 2

The party continued into the sewer.

The demons jumped from the sewage and decimated the party. Burning all of their power they were finally able to get past them and around the corner.

A demonic hydra guarded a portal. Jock closed the portal and the hydra was sucked back into the elemental chaos.


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