Courage Academy


The heroes returned from the Fey Wild with the body of Dave Hester the Mind Flayer, but did not know where his family lived.

We headed to the temple of Avandra to purchase a ritual to find Dave Hester the Mind Flayers home. The ritual informed us that they lived on a fairly deserted island fairly far from normal trade routes.

We considered taking an Avandra Trade Galley, but they were not going our way—instead we hired on as guards with a plan to steal the ship at night. Needing a crew & a captain, the Courage Academy headed to a sailor bar where we learned of strong Pirate activities.

Seanearious Fletcher the Sheriff agreed to charter a boat for pirate hunting.

Directing the sheriff’s law enforcement barge towards the Hester Island, we were quickly attacked by a pirate ship & a giant shark!

Larry the pirate and his crew were quickly dispatched & we began the take over of his Pirate Boat when Dave Hester the Mind Flayer returned to the land of the living with the sheriff and his crew as his Thralls!


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